Cisco IP Phone 8800: Clear Voice Calls and Easy-to-Use Video

Cisco IP Phone 8800 offers advanced VoIP and high-quality video conferencing calls for a workplace. There are certain models that integrate the telephones with your personal mobile devices. This is a great phone for small, as well as large businesses seeking for full-features and high-quality communication. This is the ideal phone for administrative, managerial, knowledge workers and staff. It can also be a great option for shared workplace environment.

If you are planning to invest on Cisco voice communication and desktop video then you should check this out.

Easy-to-Use and Cost-Effective

The Cisco 8800 offers exceptional clarity along with audio voice communication. With the Key Expansion Module of this IP phone, you will have the one-button dialing and expanded status detail. Since it utilizes Cisco EnergyWise, it can reduce carbon footprint and energy cost during the off-work hours. The phone can be easily installed by people who have little technical knowledge.

Cisco IP Phone 8800

Cisco IP Phone 8800

With Cisco, building an internet ready phone has become easier than ever. The IP phones have been designed to meet your requirement and scale with the business as it grows in the future.

Here are some of the significant benefits of moving to an IP phone from traditional phones.

Cisco IP Phone 8800 Series Quick Start Guide

Low Cost-Per-Call

As the name suggests, this phone makes use of internet protocol for making calls. Rather than using the telephone lines, all the data is transformed into packets and is then sent over to the IP network. The IP network that is used by the business can be the internet connection, a direct IP connection to the telephone service provider. It can also be a combination of both.

The most important aspect of IP connection is that there is guaranteed quality service. However, if you use the internet for connecting to the telephone service provider, quality service might not be possible.

Placing a call by using the traditional phone line means that the line is taken up the two callers that are using it for communication. Numerous lines can be installed and the calls that are placed over the landlines can be expensive, especially if they are long-distance. As a matter of fact, businesses that use Cisco 8800 IP phone can make domestic, as well as international calls for free.

Cisco IP Phone 8800 Series User Guide

Versatility of Features

The IP phones from Cisco enable you to be productive as the system helps you to multi-task. For instance, you are on a call within the cue and while you wait, you will be able to strategize the approach to the client calls that you have missed as you will be able to read the voice-mail to text transfiguration. This is then sent over to your email inbox. You will also be able to send voice-mails and messages directly to other people.

Good-Quality Conference Calls

The phones use converged data network rather than dedicated phone lines. This makes it easier to participate in conference calls. If your business is using traditional phone system, you might be able to participate in conference calls but you will have to pay some additional money to avail this service. This is not the case with IP phones.

Moreover, IP phones allow you to communicate with your clients and customers with the help of good quality video conference calls.