Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series Switch. What are the Features?

The Cisco Catalyst 6500 switch with four line cards and double directors. The Catalyst 6500 is a specific undercarriage organize switch manufactured by Cisco Frameworks since 1999, prepared for passing on paces of up to 400 million packages for consistently

Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series Benefits

A 6500 incorporates a case, power supplies, two or three boss, line cards and organization modules. A suspension can have 3, 4, 6, 9 or 13 openings each (Catalyst model 6503, 6504, 6506, 6509, or 6513, separately) with the decision of a few segregated power supplies.

Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series Switches

The executive engine gives united sending information and taking care of; up to two of these cards can be acquainted for a situation with give dynamic/reinforcement or state full failover. The line cards give port system and organization modules to think about contraptions, for instance, firewalls to be composed inside the switch.

The 6500 starting at now supports three working systems: Local IOS and Particular IOS. The 6500 can pass on high densities of Control over Ethernet over the edge. Thusly, power supplies are a key part of arrangement.

OIR is a part of the 6500 which grants hot exchanging most line cards without first closing down the body. The advantage of this is one may play out an in-organization update. In any case, before attempting this, it is basic to grasp the strategy of OIR and how it may regardless require a reload.

Cisco Switch Catalyst 6500 Series Datasheet

Transportation Solution

To thwart transport bungles, the edge has three pins in each initial which relate with the line card. Upon incorporation, the longest of these scopes and hinders the vehicle (to avoid contamination). As the line card is pushed in further, the middle pin makes the data affiliation. Finally, the most restricted pin clears the vehicle delayed down and allows the skeleton to continue with action.

Nevertheless, if any bit of this action is skipped, missteps will occur (achieving a hindered transport and finally a casing reload).

Customary issues include:

  • Line cards being installed mistakenly and thusly arriving at simply the stoppage and data pins and along these lines not releasing the vehicle
  • Line cards being implanted too quickly (and in this way the lull departure signal isn’t gotten
  • Line cards being implanted too bit by bit and thusly the vehicle is eased back down for a truly lengthy time span and forces a reload.

Cisco Catalyst 6500 arrangement switches give numerous opening decisions Vertical and 13-space of various undercarriage. They offer the broadest scope of interface modules with industry-driving execution and propelled highlight combination. Catalyst 6500 Arrangement switches highlight an unmatched scope of coordinated administrations modules, including multi-gigabit organize security, content exchanging, communication, and system examination modules.