Cisco Touch 10 Control Unit User Guide

The Cisco Touch 10 control unit is a natural gadget that aims to provide you with the best cohesion while interacting with Cisco video assembly frames only with the touch or swipe of your finger. This touch based unit was developed for easy customer experience from narrowing down and completing a video circle, to sharing items, reviewing contact records and references, and in any case, receiving phone call messages.

The Cisco Touch 10 control unit improves meeting and correspondence simplicity by providing pause access to contacts, contacts, subscriptions, and items. Connect with the 10 who join the fun structure and simple customer relationships with a virtual presence across the Cisco video-based video conferencing gadget portfolio.

Cisco TelePresence Touch 10 Control Device

This touch control unit is part of the Cisco natural communication gadget family designed to create clear and transparent collaboration experiences with Cisco video conferencing frameworks, with direct touch and swipe control. These touch-based gadgets have been developed to simplify and simplify customer experience from approving, controlling, and completing video calls, including content sharing capabilities, view contact records and catalogs, make end event calls, receive video or phone messages through its fun goals 1280 x 800.

Another unique feature of the Touch 10 gadget is a creative program to allow the ability to seamlessly control other parts of the room, for example, lighting, room separators, and blinding dynamic API.

Instead of dragging the tablet or Laptop from assembly to assembly, this touchpad gadget was meant to be manually programmed with your video conferencing system to allow all clients on-line and easy access to video line composites.

Cisco TelePresence MX200 G2, MX300 G2, MX700, MX800, SX10, SX20, SX80 User Guide CE8.3

Having the option of easy meeting development and correspondence by giving pause access to contacts with them, registrations, and features of this high-quality control table is an additional option for adding to your telepresence framework as it joins the finest structure, and a variety of outstanding customer service areas. Cisco has created this in-room control gadget to interact with people at the same time and how they install in one-on-one and collect style settings that cause the system to look for easy integration with a variety of compatible interfaces. Currently part of the job.

This easy-to-use gadget works basically like your content-hosted cell phones, contacts list, call register and meeting room directories, view and hold phone holders, and camera controls.

The Cisco Touch 10 control unit improves ease of use and communication by providing access to meeting minutes, contacts, registrations and items. The 10 contacts combine exciting structure and easy customer interaction with visual integration across the Cisco video-based video conferencing gadget portfolio.

Cisco Touch 10 Data Sheet

The Cisco TelePresence Touch Series delivers simple, reliable customer information. Access Cisco video conferencing successfully and automatically from its complete, rich interface. Make and view video calls, sharing items, and access provided all with the basic fingerprint.

The Cisco TelePresence Touch gadget incorporates an ongoing UI that focuses on specific individuals and how to transfer them one-on-one and collect settings. Workplaces connect and are transmitted in some form of communication and they change with the layout of appearances, contacts and object. With the Cisco TelePresence Touch gadget, you can quickly and efficiently reach the most popular promises for your organization. The system allows for easy mixing with different types of communications linked to illegal programs that are now part of the work process.