Capabilities and Features of Cisco IP Phone 8865

Conference calls are important for any business as there needs to be a clear line of communication between the various parties involved. For this, Cisco Unified Communications have introduced several phone systems that offer brilliant user interface and convenient controls. However, if you want to experience something more than verbal telephonic conversations, Cisco IP Phone 8865 offers amazing video calling features. The video images are if superior quality and you will be able to make out every detail clearly.

Let’s take a look at some major benefits of video calling clients and the innovative features of Cisco 8865.

Benefits of Video Calling

  • As you might have heard, a picture says a thousand words. When you are talking to a client through video call, it can have a much better effect than a simple telephonic communication.
  • A video conversation might be more effective if you are giving a demo for a new product or sharing any kind of data with the other party.
Cisco IP Phone 8865

Cisco IP Phone 8865

  • It has been found that communication modes where both the parties can see each other are much smoother than phone conversations. The ideas put forward are more invigorating and the opinions are more sincere.
  • It is far more effective as well as meaningful to discuss something that you can see. This also saves a lot of time and energy.
  • There are some meetings that have to be “face to face”. In this case, you might have to travel to the client’s location. With a video conference phone like Cisco 8865 IP Phone, this is no longer required. You will save travel cost and a lot of time.
  • A video phone might also give you some competitive advantage over competing parties who are just having verbal communication with the client.
  • Overall, video calling can make your business better coordinated, not just with the client but also with the different teams in the company. When communication is clear, there are reduced chances of being misunderstood and hence, reduced mistakes.

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Other Beneficial Features of Cisco IP Phone 8865

  • The video quality is brilliant at 720p HD screen and convenient to use touch features.
  • Apart from excellent video and audio, it also offers features such as USB Headsets and Bluetooth.
  • The interface is extremely easy to use and can be understood perfectly by anyone used to working with regular telephones.
  • The handset comes with a standard coiled cord and cable. It is a standard audio handset which is also wide-band capable.
  • The speakerphone feature gives you a convenient hands free experience. It might get tedious holding the handset through a long phone call. But, with the speakerphone, you can just

Cisco IP Phone 8865 Data Sheet

In order to get an ideal video calling experience, there are several adjustments that can be made by the user. The screen brightness, audio ringtones, and the volume can be easily adjusted. All these features ensure that you have a brilliant experience with video calls. The frequent software updates in phones from this Cisco series make them highly demanded in the business world.