Cisco 7900 Series IP Phone Offers Enhanced Telephonic Experience to Users

Owing to the rise in communication needs of businesses and corporations, a need has arisen for highly-functional and easy-to-use communication systems. The wide range of Cisco 7900 series IP phones are capable of fulfilling this need. These systems are secure, effective and easy-to-operate.

Some of their features are state-of-the-art and enhance the experience of the user like never before. Although Cisco Communications are involved in providing a number of communication, connectivity and security services, their line of conference phones is one of their most well-known ventures. Let’s take a critical look at the features and usability of the 7916 model from Cisco:

An Overview of Cisco IP Phones 7900

In any company or small business, there is someone assigned to the management of calls and voice messages. Covering all calls that are made to the company is extremely important and might affect profitably and success directly. Now, a business might get high call load each day. Phones made by Cisco Unified Communications helps in the management and coverage of calls.

Cisco 7900 Series

Cisco 7900 Series

This phone allows the use of several handy features that make the job of administrative assistants easier and more efficient. The capabilities of the 7916 model include a number of improvements such as additional buttons and a better LCD screen display. The font and images look crisp, giving the phone a high end look, perfect for your office desk.

Cisco 7900 Series IP Phone Manual

Beneficial Features of Cisco 7900 Series Unified IP Phone

  • Maximum call coverage is one of the major aims of this phone and a number of features have been added to the model keeping this in mind. These new features are capable of instantly determining the line status of others beyond the usual capability.
  • The LCD display of this phone is large and can be easily read from a distance. This allows you to quickly identify and use the buttons as soon as you get a call. This may seem like a small benefit but will be greatly appreciated by someone who has to receive, hold, and transfer dozens of calls all day long.
  • The Settings Menu offers a number of ways to make adjustments. The brightness of the LCD can be adjusted according to your requirement. For example, different settings are required for low light settings.
  • The numbers of different parties can be stored with a specific number and the important ones can be added to the speed dial.
  • During a call, the line keys are illuminated to make the user aware of the call state without having to search the symbols. Green means that the line is in use, steady red means that the line is being used by someone else; flashing amber signifies line ringing and flashing green means the call is on hold. When the light it is off, it shows that the line is available.

Therefore, these capabilities and features make Cisco 7900 series a high-quality premium phone models that are perfect for handling high call load. The operator will have no difficulty in understanding and using controls and the voice quality is crystal clear.