Cisco IP Phone 7975 Quick Refrence

The Cisco IP Phone 7975 is a remarkable product which has managed to stand for some time. It is advancement of the 7940 of the 7000 series. However, it comes with a number of features that are also present on the 7975.

Therefore, it is possible to think that there is no need to upgrade from the 7940 to the 7975. But, there are numerous reasons to warrant the migration from lower versions to upper ones. For example, the Cisco IP 7940 model is simple in design and comes with a light weight. This makes it a convenient unified phone for any customer out there.

Cisco IP Phone 7975

Cisco IP Phone 7975

The phone is generally meant for users who are in working environments that are quite involving. Most notably, individuals working in small to medium scale transaction type businesses would find the phone quite useful. This is mainly because of the many amazing features that are associated with the phone as indicated below.

Cisco IP 7975 Series – Quick Refrence

Major Features

  • It comes with a display; this is a 5.6 inch TFT screen featuring highly responsive touch screen technology. The screen comes with a 320×240 pixel resolution. Localization is also possible using the display.
  • Language support
  • Wideband audio is available
  • Codec support
  • Many ring tones
  • Many security features
  • Buttons for the speaker, headsets and mute options
  • Speakerphone
  • Directories key
  • Volume control
  • Settings key
  • Help button
  • Display button
  • Headset port
  • Message key

General Remarks on the Product

Based on the features indicated above, the Cisco IP Phone 7975 is a remarkable product. It is among the best unified phones that are available on the market today. This is mainly because it features attributes that are more advanced than what other versions of the phone possess. For example, it does more than just enable users to access a dual of telephone lines.

There are many reasons that make the Cisco IP Phone 7975 worth buying. Most notably, it is because of the long list of amazing features that it has. For example, it is quite convenient to use in any small scale business. The device comes with an amazing functionally oriented architecture, great combination of features and is exceedingly secure. It is actually much better than most of the phones belonging to this series.

The design of the phone is such that users get to have instant access to most of the important features on the device. This is facilitated by the presence of the various instant access buttons that the phone comes with. Most importantly, the volume control and help button can be accessed instantly in a single click.

Other important buttons that can be accessed in a single click include the display, settings and messages buttons. The display is available for purposes of enhancing the user experience. It comes with a wide screen and also features a highly responsive touch screen. Further, it comes with many ring tones which also enhance the user experience. Without any doubt, this is a perfect phone for use by anyone doing business.