Facts and Features of Cisco 7936

The corporate world requires unhindered and clear communication among different parties. In order to achieve this, a device is required which doesn’t only has excellent communication technology but also offers conferencing and speakerphone features. The Cisco 7936 Conference Station has been designed keeping all these qualities in mind. The resulting device is an amazing and highly convenient conferencing phone that offers superiors microphone and voice quality.

Features of the Conference Phone

This can be placed in conference rooms, desktops, private offices and executive suites. The device is an improvement over the Cisco Unified IP Conference Station 7935. The new design includes a number of improved features such as new audio-tuned speaker grills, external microphone kit with optional usage, external ports for the microphone, and a brand new and improved backlit LCD (liquid crystal display).

Cisco 7936 Conference Phone Quick Start Guide

Here are some other improved features of this conference phone which make it a great device for communication:

  • The premium quality of the microphones picks up voice sounds expertly and the user can move around the room while speaking. The movement does not affect the voice quality and the participant on both ends will be able to listen to every word clearly. The speakers have digital tuning and there are three microphones to capture crystal clear voices.
  • The voice quality of Cisco Unified IP Conference Station 7936 is exceptional and much superior to a number of its contemporaries in the market. The new technology has been successful in getting rid of echoes and reverberations that break the smooth line of communication. The speaker grills have been optimized to offer a more natural conversation and the high-quality microphones eliminate background noise.
Cisco 7936

Cisco 7936

  • The display features of Cisco 7936 are excellent, making the phone not only operational but also great to look at. The LCD screen light is adjustable and the low light visibility of the screen has been improved. The font size on the screen can be adjusted as well and scaled up for proper viewing from a distance.
  • The interface of Cisco 7936 is extremely easy to understand and use. There are three navigable keys that helps you get access to its various features such as call holding, call transferring, muting, releasing, and obviously, starting conference calls. The LCD screen displays call details such as the number and name of the party as well as the line status.

Cisco Unified IP Conference Station 7936 Phone Guide

As you can see, there are many benefits of using Cisco Unified IP Conference Station 7936 for holding long-distance conferences. The sensitivity and quality of microphones enhance the extent of the coverage area. In fact, the three microphones can pick up sounds from a 360 degree radius.

The installation is extremely easy and has been explained in simple words in the user manual. It allows the users to have a clear and unhindered communication line which causes no distortions in sound.

Some of its other pro-features are the accessible and easy-to-use volume buttons, five different ringtones to be adjusted by the user, and several other improvements that can only be experienced on use.