Cisco 1941 Router Data Sheet and User Guide

The Cisco 1941 router is among the leading routers that are available on the market. Even though it is somewhat older than some of the latest versions, it is still capable of offering a great combination of features to any user out there. It is one of the best options of routers that are available on the market and the 1900 series in general.

This is the router to go for if you want a mix of both the recent past features and a bit of the latest router technology. Today, it is still sought after by many customers despite the coming of the latest Cisco router versions such as those belonging to the 2000 series.

Cisco 1941 Series Integrated Services Routers Data Sheet

Main Features

If you are wondering why the Cisco 1941 series router remains one of the best choices of routers that are available on the market today, consider the following information. These are the major features of this amazing Cisco router.

  • A wide range of security features including identity management, threat control that is integrated with most of the Cisco security systems including the Cisco IOS firewall, the Content filtering IOS for Cisco, the Zone based firewall for Cisco and the IOS IPS for Cisco.
  • A single slot for the Internal services module
  • Additional security features such as secure communication that supports a variety of VPS including Dynamic Multipoint, Group Encrypted transport and Enhanced Easy VPNs.
  • Ethernet ports which are integrated (comes with the 10/100/100 Ethernet types)
  • High speed WAN IC (Interface Cards) slots which are capable of accommodating a dual of wide HWICs, a single double wide HWIC and a single wide HWIC.
  • A power distribution system that supports 802.3af and Cisco Enhanced PoE (Power over Ethernet)

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General Remarks on the Cisco 1941 Router and the 1900 Series

By considering the information above, it is clear that the router is definitely worth buying. This is despite the many discrepancies that exist between it and some of the Cisco routers belonging to the 2000 series. Nonetheless, it still lags behind most of the new routers especially those belonging to the 2000 series.

Cisco 1941 Router

Cisco 1941 Router

It is how interesting to note that the Cisco router 1941 is perfect for most small businesses and some large scale businesses. The router combines a number of advanced features that extend beyond the capabilities of the other routers in the 1900 series. For example, it comes with a single slot for the internal services module and also features a single wide slot for the HWIC. This feature is absent from the 1921 router which was the earliest to have been released in the 1900 series.

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Further, the 1941 router is rather more secure than the earlier version of the series. This is despite the fact that most of the security features (such as the use of authorization, authentication, accounting and passwords to facilitate identity management) which are common to the other routers in the series. Only the 1941W may offer extended security beyond the security capabilities of the 1921 and 1941 routers.