Cisco SG250 Smart Switch

The “Cisco SG250” is a 26 Gigabit Ethernet ports combo switch that gives predictable framework the board. You can send and change collected business in minutes through the Smart Network app, Network Manager, and system connectivity and Play support. It incorporates creative energy, which combines intellectual acknowledgment and Energy efficiency. They all offer Eco-related management in private with no deals. This change is part of Cisco’s small and measurable business portfolio and is a transformed approach dedicated to security, execution, and simplification to help plan business sustainability.

The “SG250” Series Managed switch is fitted out with 26 ports that associate various segments with one another and printers, IP correspondence devices, remote jobs, and different parts. Cisco gives framework based gadgets that guide in the arranging and speed of arranging, and this transient switch permits the point at the focuses order of how the subtleties of the outing and who is moving toward the program. Practically speaking, the “SG250” switch has a movement pace of 38.69 Mpps and a 52-piece swapping scale.

Cisco SG250 Series

Cisco SG250 Series

The “SG250” switch is mounted on two combo up signal ports that can utilize multi-mode and single-mode fiber ports, giving the change an expanded division from different switches contrasted with an Ethernet based association. One of the features included with the change is the immediate control of Layer 3 information move between centers without hurting framework the executives being overseen close by IPv6 for financing future applications without the possibility of copying the rigging design.

Smart Network Application (SNA) is a structure level evaluation and board gadget acquainted on the Cisco 100 with 500 Series switch. It can recoup conscious topology, show affiliation status, screen times, execution drawings, and resume modifying photos over various movements to the structure.

Cisco 250 Series Smart Switches Quick Start Guide


The replacement of the Cisco 250 Series gives security and the structure the most imperative motivations behind the official that you need to keep up with in charge to have a critical degree of security for your business, keep invalid clients off the system, and check your business nuances.

The Layer 3 library lets you split your system into discrete work-groups and move to VLANs without using a running task. As per this, you can screen internal authority over your switches and add to your assortments in external breaking point and security, helping your system use the total of its productivity.

Cisco 250 Series Smart Switches Data Sheet

Features and Benefits

The “Cisco SG250” Series switch furnishes neighborhood IPv6 support intimately with standard IPv4.

Included are the QoS features that compose postpone the board, for instance, voice and video, improve trade arranging, and help guarantee sound framework execution across the executives.

The substitution of the “SG250” Series is expected to function admirably and run Eco without exchanging persuasively. They help proportioning power by improving vitality, securing the earth and lessening your toughness costs.

Booked force blackouts at ports where correspondence isn’t working.

Embedded force transformation data dependent on connect length.

It is a faultless framework in numerous models, decreases vitality utilization, constructs reliable quality, and offers a cool capacity.