Cisco 7960 with Complete User Guide

Cisco 7960 user guide gives the complete tutorial on how this phone really works. With new Cisco 7960 it is one customizable phone, which also shares the information with any devices such as the mobile phones and PC. The Cisco 7960 is perfect for the big organizations and enterprises. It gives different choices that include voice telecommunications and information, conference call and call transfer method. With Cisco it allows you to customize the feature settings as well as call solutions straight for the convenience of desktop PC and Cisco 7960.

Phone Installation

Cisco 7960 wireless headset phone must be setup by the system administrator and they can connect phone network on any computer network and computer system. When installation is done, you may setup the phone settings.

Cisco 7960

Cisco 7960


Set up

Before you start using the Cisco 7960 phone, read about your phone’s features. The telephone comprises the headset with some light indicator. When this indicator gets red, it means there’s the new voice mail message for you. The navigation button of this phone comes in blue color and is situated straight in the middle of your call display, which enables you to scroll down on main menus. These Cisco 7960 firmware menu are situated at the phone network display. This display can be utilized at conjunction with the key buttons and make you give an access options situated at lower part of this display. With “envelop” icon of the phone you will open all the voice mail connection and settings. This icon appears like an “Open Book” that offers connection to directory of organization and own directory. Also, there is one icon of “Check Mark,” which provides you the connection to your phone setup. This “globe” icon must get used to the accessing services. All services are accessible differ based by setup of a company.

Cisco IP Phone 7960 and 7940 Series User Guide

Answering the Telephone Call

When you want to answer any phone call, just lift your phone receiver. Whenever using this headset, you can highlight any of the incoming call and press on “Answer”. In order, to take any call while you’re on phone, highlight the line and go on “Resume”.  The original call is put at hold automatically and you can press on circular button for next call you wish to answer.

When Placing Any Call

First you need to press the button which is situated close to the line you wish to utilize and dial on phone number at your keypad. When you’re set to complete the call, press on “End”. Suppose you’re dial on wrong number, you have to push on “<<” button. It can easily erase numbers that you have entered.

Future Growth and Expanded Capabilities

Cisco 7960G Phone can be made for meeting communication requirements of the professional workers at enclosed environments and employees experiencing high phone traffic in course of the business day. The Cisco 7960 IP phone also supports an access to the multiple phone lines (and combination of the lines and the direct access for telephony features) as well as includes the best quality and speakerphone ability or built-in connectivity. The high pixel display gives the supplemental information, access to apps, and makes it easier to use phone features. It is the fast overview of steps you may have to follow to get Cisco 7960 to work on your server.