Cisco ATA 186 User Guide in PDF and Data Sheet

Cisco ATA 186 from Cisco Systems is the handset and Ethernet telephone adaptor, which turns the conventional phone devices in the IP phone networks. The clients take complete benefit of exciting IP apps just by linking the analog networks at Cisco 186. This Cisco ATA 186 phone Adaptor device is usual telecommunication devices, which delivers new generation of the VoIP terminations for the home and businesses across world.

Guards Phone Investment

New Cisco 186 generally supports two ports, and with some independent phone call number as well as single ten Base port. The adaptor will utilize current Ethernet LANs, besides broadband pipes like DSL, phone wireless * modem use.

Cost Efficient

New Cisco ATA phone helps customers to turn analog telephone devices into VoIP devices, very cost efficient, and to choose the solution for addressing requirements of their customers that link to the company networks and environments and VoIP services and markets. Their business clients are using 186 in order to connect these analog telephones and FAX devices at VoIP system. The providers are completely taking benefit of their emerging phony apps and using second line of phone services by Cisco 186.

Cisco ATA 186

Cisco ATA 186 router


Support & Service

The Cisco Communications lessen time, rate as well as complexity to implement converged system, or they may assist you to create the flexible IP telecommunications infrastructure, which can meet small business requirements. Cisco and their partners have used and made biggest and current IP telecommunications system -they really understand integrating the IP telecommunications solution in this network infrastructure, the solution that can help you to realize the business results as well as gain the competitive benefit. All results are given by flexible range of the mutual offerings, which may assist you to plan, make, work, execute, as well as grow telecommunications solution.

Cisco 186 designs some amazing technologies, and practices assure that their solution, which fits any businesspersons requirements from beginning, getting rid of expensive downtime of Cisco Ata 186 factory reset. These established ways of Cisco guarantee the good sound implementation, which can give these functions, which you anticipate. These support services comprise any distant operations, management to administering converged apps or network infrastructure as well as technological services.

Cisco ATA 186 Analog Telephone Adaptor Data Sheet in PDF

Cisco also gives complete flexibility if you want to use strategy, which meets the business requirements. This Cisco 186 is the reliable phone adapter, which works very well with Call centric solutions while placed behind the broadband web router from Cisco.

Cisco ATA 186 Configuration Guide in PDF

Reset Your Cisco 186 in factory defaults

Suppose, you are having Cisco ATA 186 and can get used earlier with any password-protected pattern, you may clear the ATA from any password or reconfigure such device. If you ever wish experimenting from one Cisco ATA 186 make two connections or another then it is possible. Never try to perform this method if you ever use ATA 186 with new linked provider. You might lose the configuration information for this particular provider, or need for re-entering this information once again in restoring this service.