Cisco 5520 Wireless Controller Data Sheet and Installation Guide

If you are in search of a highly flexible and scalable platform for controlling your business network, you should definitely go for the Cisco 5520 wireless controller. This is by far one of the most remarkable products for the management of a business network from a remote location. It comes with a great combination of features that account for its reliability, elegance and high performance.

When running any kind of business, you need a business network. This is especially true for both small and medium scale businesses. But, a business network has to be kept under control using a variety of tools.

Cisco 5520 Wireless Controller

Cisco 5520 Wireless Controller

The Cisco 5520 is the product that has been designed to enable small and medium scale business owners to successfully keep their business networks under full control. It is an important tool that provides a platform for the control and monitoring of network applications including access points.

Cisco 5520 Wireless Controller Data Sheet

Major Features

  • It comes with Application Visibility and Control which provides both prioritization and granular classification of multiple critical business apps with protocol updates
  • It features Chromcast support and location-aware Bonjour services. This is advertised both at user and device scale across a layer 3 network
  • Uses Cisco TrustSec to achieve software based segmentation
  • Offers access points numbering up to 1500 along with 20000 clients
  • Comes with a policy classification system which is embedded in the product
  • Can consolidate many controllers into a single one
  • Allows users to deploy Cisco FlexConnect reaching as many as 100 access points divided into a total of 1500 groups
  • Ethernet connectivity of up to 10 Gigabit
  • Uses the solid state device storage system
  • Fast system restarts owing to the enhanced system uptime feature

Cisco 5520 Wireless Controller Installation Guide

General Remarks on the Product

The Cisco 5520 WiFi controller is generally renowned for its high flexibility and scalability. It can be adapted to any small and medium scale business. Most notably, it can support the consolidation of multiple controllers in a single click. Further, its ability to support as many as 1500 access points along with 20000 clients is another important attribute that makes it attractive. These are some of the most notable features that enable business owners to successfully manage their networks seamlessly and conveniently.

Like most of the Cisco controllers that are available on the market today, the Cisco 5520 wireless controller also supports a number of WiFi functions as indicated above. The range of users for the product is quite wide and includes small businesses, organizations and branch offices of various kinds. it offers users a chance to have full control over their network applications.

Most notably, the Cisco 5520 wireless controller offers users a chance to multiple types of deployments including the centralized, distributed and mesh types of deployments. It does not need the incremental downtime for it to operate or control a network from a remote location. Further, its ability to achieve Cisco TrustSec enables the product to successfully reduce complexity, maintenance and overhead issues patterning to the device’s access control list. This is yet another reason why this is a remarkable product.