Cisco 8945 Phone Manual and Datasheet

The Cisco 8945 is an IP phone that serves a cost-effective communication solution for businesses who need effective video and voice services to get their message out to their customers. It is part of the 8900 Series of Cisco’s Unified IP phones. Its video camera, which can film almost 30 frames every second, provides businesses with a high quality platform on which to conduct videoconferences.

The five-inch display screen is completely backlit and provides high-resolution images. Each phone can handle up to four lines, and has four soft keys that are context-sensitive. The speakerphone provides excellent quality voice transmissions in high-definition audio.

The phone allows operators to transfer calls, hold calls, and conduct conference calls using fixed keys. Owners have the choice of two handset options, as well as Bluetooth support to allow users to use headsets. It features integrated PC ports that allows a PC in the same location to route its media communications through the phone.

Cisco 8945

Cisco 8945

Displays have been optimized to allow for transmission of languages that read from right to left, such as Arabic, Farsi, and Hebrew. Power cords compatible with wall outlets throughout the world are available.

Cisco Unified IP Phone 8941 and 8945 Quick Reference

The energy-efficient phone gives owners the option to put the device into a deep sleep mode, which saves energy and money while the office is closed. Not only does it have a reduced carbon footprint while it works, its very construction speaks of Cisco’s commitment to a healthy environment. The Cisco 8945 has been designed using reground and recyclable plastic.

Not only has the manufacturer designed the device to be sensitive to the environment, but Cisco has created the phone to be sensitive to its users’ needs. Keys light up when the user presses them when they need to listen to their voicemail, view call logs, set preferences, and see the company personnel directories.

The Cisco 8945’s handset is hearing aid compatible, meeting the ADA’s strict requirements, as does the phone’s dialing pad.

A toggle makes it convenient for users to adjust the volume levels of the ringer, the headset, the handset, and the monitor speaker.

Because branding is so important for a company who wants to make an impact upon its industry, Cisco has provided a way for companies to put their logo on the phones. Each user can select from various ring tones to personalize the phone.

Cisco has not announced an end of life nor an end of support date for the Cisco 8945. Buyers can purchase the device with confidence, knowing that they will get years of service out of their phones.