Advantages of Using Cisco IP Phone 7961 in Your Office

The Cisco 7961 model from Cisco Unified is an important addition to their wide array of full-feature conference phones for office use. The phone has been designed carefully to include the requirements of people in administrative and managerial jobs. It surface of Cisco IP Phone 7961 has four soft key buttons that allows the user to access features such as placing calls, shifting between speakerphone, handset, and headset and control audio for calls.

The gray scale LCD screen is one of its best features as it offers high-resolution display and pixel-based screen. On it, details like the name of the calling party, number, the dialed digits, the date and time can be seen.

Cisco IP Phone 7961

Cisco IP Phone 7961

The graphic quality is sharp and detailed making the phone set look rich visibly. This is a great addition to your office desktop and will make it much easier to handle calls and hold conferences with clients over long distances.

Cisco IP Phone 7961 Offers High Functionality

The very idea behind using a conference phone is enhance your convenience and efficiency. The microphones attached to the set allow you to make long-distance calls on the speaker phone without distorted voices.

The microphones pick up voice sounds expertly and eliminate the background noise, resulting in crystal clear voices as if you were talking to someone in the same room. In fact, you can put the phone on speaker mode and have talk while moving around the room. The voice will not be affected and will be heard clearly on the other end. Here are some features of Cisco 7961 IP Phone:

  • It supports double-byte characters as well as Unicode text for the benefit of XML (Extensible Markup Language) application developers.
  • The speaker has been optimized for crystal clear sound that is a feature unique to this phone.
  • It is ideal for businesses that require a functional solution for handling calls. The specifications offered by this phone can be operated with ease and offer flexibility.

Cisco IP Phone 7941 and 7961 User Guide

Similarities and Differences between Cisco 7960 and 7961

While at one glance, the Cisco 7760 and 7961 look almost similar, there are some basic differences between the two. The 7961 is expectedly better in many ways since it has several improvements. Let’s take a look at some basic points of similarities and differences between the two phone sets:

  • One of the basic differences between these two is the improved and upgraded display and the addition of backlit keys to Cisco 7961.
  • The pixels of 7961 are crystal clear and give the phone the look of a high-end device at a moderate price-range.
  • The graphic capability of Cisco 7961 has been greatly enhanced resulting in sharp and high-quality images on the screen.

Cisco IP Phone 7961 is a great fit for offices and work spaces which handle moderate amount of telephone. The installation procedure is simple and doesn’t take more than a few minutes. The controls and interface are user-friendly and anyone can learn to use them easily. This phone set makes it easier to manage and handle phone calls.