A Cisco 7832 IP Phone Is a Great Substitute to a Standard Phone?

The discovery of standard Cisco 7832 telephones is possibly one of those benchmarks in the record of information technology which has launched huge possibilities, and scopes to the telecommunication world. It connected distances of a great distance, and contributed in transforming our world in to a universal village. Business and trade expanded because of telecommunication services make available countrywide as well as globally.

Internet captured the trade world, and our daily lives by a cyclone. Internet protocol, even called as IP, turn out to be the base of broadcast of information universally. Cisco IP Conference Phone 7832 is a comparatively invention in the IT world. They operate to a great extent like usual phones, however, they use an IP network such as internet with the purpose of making calls.

Cisco 7832

Cisco 7832

They use the services of voice over IP equipment, rather than the usual PSTN system. These telephones can even be used within an intranet of an organisation or company.


The IP phones are different from a usual telephone in specific ways. Although both provide more or less the similar objective, however, IP phones are growing popularity particularly in the business world. It has made video conferencing cheaper and easier. Abroad calling made on an IP phone are extremely cheap in comparison to the usual telephones.

One requires to recall the names or the phone numbers, of the individual or party they are trying to contact, while using their usual telephones, or mobile phones. IP phones provide you the choice to use caller Ids which can be entered in to make a telephone call. This is an extremely useful feature for those who have to deal with several contact numbers and names of the customers whom they have to contact.

Cisco IP Conference Phone 7832 Quick Start

Cisco CP 7832 have an additional benefit of storing network-based and personal numbers in their IP phone system. Several features such as multi party calling, call hold, call transferring, etc. are relatively, the same as usual telephones, however these features are comparatively less in price.

In the meantime IP calls are pass through on the internet, these may even be used to have a look at weather conditions, office attendance, stock exchange, college, and current news. Standard telephones do not provide such packages. It sounds as if, to a little extent Cisco 7832 IP phones seem to be a great alternative to regular phones, however, these have their own set of drawbacks in addition.

Cisco IP Conference Phone 7832 Data Sheet


The major work of an IP phone, or any other VoIP, equipment is to translate correspondent audio signals to numerical data, so that it could be transmitted throughout the broadband internet, and vice versa. From time to time, moreover owing to power outages or poor signals, Cisco IP phones 7832 offer an extremely bad voice quality, it might drop calls, or it might not perform at all. In such situations, if you do not have a standard telephone back-up, your business conference can be messed up.

Likewise, IP phones do not work fine with high latency internet or satellite internet networks. IP networks in domestic areas are blocked or jammed, hence they are not considered better substitutes in such situations either.