Cisco 8811 Offers Reliable and Scalable Voice Communication

If you are in business, you should use Cisco 8811 for your organization thanks to its use of VoIP technology. This is actually referred to as a series of transmissions that makes it possible to communicate over the internet. VoIP is also referred to as the internet telephony. This converts the voice vibration into compressed digital signal that translates the Internet Protocol packets. This, in turn, is converted into telephone signal. It is quite different from the traditional phones.

The Cisco IP phone 8811 has an ergonomic design along with a wideband audio for the purpose of crystal clear communication. The phone can boost productivity simply by handling multiple calls for each of the directory number by making use of the multiple-per-line function. It has fixed-function keys which offer access to messaging, applications, and directory. The keys also provide access to often used calling features such as transfer, conference, and hold/resume.

Cisco 8811

Cisco 8811

The phone is facilitated with five programmable line keys and you can configure the keys for supporting the calling features or the multiple directory numbers. Some other significant feature of the IP phone from Cisco has been mentioned below.

  • For PC connection, the phone supports built-in Gigabit Ethernet switch.
  • You can flexible receive and place calls with the help of the full-duplex speaker’s phones.
  • It has right-to-left screen text and also supports localized language. This is the useful for global users.
  • The buttons and keys are easy to use since it has a dual-position foot stand.
  • The phone has high-resolution, wide screen, and colored display.
  • It has an analog headset jack which is standard headband capable.
  • The phone can be installed on the wall using the wall-mount kit.

Cisco 8811 Quick Start Guide

Why Choose Cisco 8811 Over Traditional Phones?

An IP phone can be used pretty conveniently and proves to be beneficial for a business. Here are some of the reasons, you should opt an IP phone from Cisco over the traditional phones.


The landline services might give you access to a wide range of features such as call forwarding, caller ID, voicemail, and three-way calling. However, an IP phone offers more features than you can ever imagine. With the help of these phones, you will be able to boost the productivity of your employees. As a matter of fact, you can also take the advantage of video conferencing.

Cisco IP Phone 8811, 8841, 8851, and 8861 User Guidee for Cisco Unified Communications Manager 10.5

Sound Quality

No doubt, landlines offer good sound quality but are not as clear as the VoIP calls. When you communicate with new clients or want to hold a conference with your international team, voice clarity is pretty essential. The IP from Cisco ensures that there is no echo and interruptions.


VoIP phones are more reliable than the landline phones. Wherever you travel, if you have broadband, you will be able to communicate with your employees, clients, or customers.


The cost of traditional phones might have dropped over the last decade which has made a traditional way of calling affordable. However, if you compare the cost of landline to the VoIP, the later will emerge as a more budget-friendly option. VoIP offers a wide number of features. This will enable you to save a substantial amount of your business money.

With the help of Cisco, you will be able to secure the technology that you need for achieving your objectives and also stay competitive.