Cisco 3845 Router User Guide and Specification

Cisco 3845 router functions embedded safety performance, memory and processing enhancements, as well as high density of interfaces. For CISCO 3845 reliability, availability and performance are obtainable very easily internet. With the Cisco IOS, the Cisco 3845 is now used at RAN Optimization setting. Feature of Cisco RAN-O offers the Global Communication System for Tele Communication (or GSM) Optimization on IP and Telecommunication on IP.

This feature allows the bandwidth efficient transport for the GSM and UMTS traffic from its Base Station and Base Transceiver Controller at RANs or at Radio Controllers or Node B at UMTS. It results in the reductions of operating costs to mobile operator and allows the new revenue by generating the services for future.

Cisco 3845

Cisco 3845

Cisco 3800 Series Integrated Services Routers: Overview

Changed and New Info about the Cisco 3845 router

Following sections give the new software and hardware features that are supported by cisco 3845 specs and Integrated Router software. There is not any new feature that is supported by Cisco Router. Here are a few tips that are implemented at Cisco 3845 password recovery:

  • NM-1APOM support for single-width and single port network module
  • Cisco 3845 Support of Phone Series Integrated Router platform
  • SMBs Offices

Cisco 3845 is also is one part for Cisco 3800 router that balances Router Portfolio. This Cisco 3845 configuration guide gives some support:

  • Improved investment guard by higher modularity or presentation
  • Quick operation for any parallel services like voice and safety, and whole services rates
  • Improved safety of investment by modularity
  • Support of above ninety modules
  • High Slots density (four)
  • Improved System Slot
  • Included GE with the copper as well as support of fiber
  • It also support other current network
  • The Optional Layer PoE and supports 36 port of Cisco Switch module


  • It supports over 2500 tunnels and AIM Module
  • Encryption
  • Interruption Prevention and support of Firewall or necessary safety features
  • Anti-virus support by NAC Control


  • It supports voice and that is optional
  • Support of Analog calling
  • Remote Phony for any of the normal processing of the phone call for offices for over 720 IP phones
  • Any kind of support for Cisco Call at any of the processing of call at separate business of 240 IP Phones

Multimedia Demos

  • View the Flash demo and know more about this Cisco Phone Router for the Business customer offerings.
  • Cisco 3800 Portfolio Demo

Minimum needs to see:

  1. Flash Six or high
  2. 98SE Windows or high
  3. With 5.5 Explorer or high

Thus these are some basic requirements and features of Cisco network that you need to know. For more information you can visit the Cisco web site and get to know more about their products reviews and functions of different routers in the market. The routers are also very reasonable to buy, but before buying get to know your requirements of every router by Cisco and functions that it provides.