Recommended Cisco Compatible Headsets

The collaborations that Cisco has developed over the years has brought some of the best Cisco compatible headsets. There is a plethora of headset solutions on the market that are ideal for any of your business needs and requirements.

The collaborations that Cisco has with these sound systems ensure that the headsets available are going to be compatible with the model of the IP phone you would have invested in. Below is a list of recommended headsets for the different Cisco IP phones.

Cisco Compatible Headsets

Cisco Compatible Headsets

Cisco SPA 300 Series

For this version of IP phones we have listed a few Cisco compatible headsets from the Jabra and Sennheiser range. From Jabra the most popular range of headsets for this phone includes the following models:

  • the GN 2120 model, it has an elegant style and also has noise cancellation features, it is lightweight and also the wearing styles are easy to change.
  • the H171N model, this model of headsets can be used as a wireless model or one can connect it to their phone should they desire, it also has noise cancellation features and is one of the most comfortable models on the market.
  • The HW261N, this is also another dual use headset and it has enhanced audio features which a great for sound accuracy.

Jabra – Cisco Compatibility Guide

From the Seinnheiser the following Cisco compatible headsets are very popular with the SPA 300 Series:

  • the SH230IP, it is a single sided headset has high definition, flexibility, and protective hearing features.
  • the SC260 these headsets are characterised by comfort, noise cancellation effects, high definition and so many other features. It mist certainly comes highly recommended for IP phones.
  • SH230 these are great for the professional environment.

Cisco Compatibility – Sennheiser Communications Solutions Overview

Cisco SPA 500, 7940, and 7960 Series

From the Jabra and Sennheiser range we recommend the same models as the ones for the SPA 300 range, they are all compatible on this range of IP phones.

Cisco 9900 Series

For this model of IP phone the most popular headsets are the ones from Jabra or Plantronics. The recommend models are as follows:

  • Jabra Biz 2400NC, it has noise cancellation, great audio quality and also a Bluetooth function. These are just a few functions its capable of from a wide range of features.
  • Jabra Biz 2400 II QD Mono, one of the great features about this model is its ability to cancel loud potentially harmful noises before they even get a chance of getting to your ears, it high definition voice functions, it s also amazing in that it has air shock features.
  • Plantronics EncorePro HW540, it has multIPle wear functions, noice cancellation, and quick disconnect features. It also has clear sound effects and is durable even with all day wear.

Cisco 8900 Series

The same models for Jabra that are recommended for the 9900 series IP phone are also recommended for this model. From the Sennheisser range we recommend the SD Office wireless headsets, it has sound and voice clarity, noise cancellation as well as multiple wear features. It also has the ability to switch communication lines easily.