How to Login to Your Cisco Linksys E1000 Router? User Guide and Spec

Cisco Linksys E1000 is wireless router. With connectivity technology with both wired and wireless. Data link protocol for E1000 router is Fast Ethernet, Ethernet, IEEE 802.11n, and IEEE 802.11b, IEEE 802.11g. Its features includes 128bit encryption, MAC address filtering, DHCP server, Wi-Fi protected setup (WPS), firmware, wall mountable, port forwarding, etc. Cisco wireless router compatible with windows 7.

Here we provide you guide with full instructions for login in Linksys E1000 as follows –

IP Address

Information of the internal IP Address is necessary before login can be done to router e.g.-

Cisco Linksys E1000

Cisco Linksys E1000

In case you don’t have your IP Address of your Cisco E1000 router, these two ways can help to you to know your IP Address –

  1. Follow a guide which explains how to find IP Address to your router
  2. Or software called Router IP Address can be used. It is available free.

After having IP Address of your router, you can proceed with login.

Linksys E1000 Wireless-N Router User Guide


Web interface for configuration is integrated in Cisco Linksys E1000. By use of any web browser login to the router can be done. Here in this article, we are explaining login process by using internet explorer.

  1. Insert Linksys router internal IP Address –

Web browser will show address bar. You have to enter your Internal IP Address and press enter. A dialog box will pop up asking for your username and password on the screen.

  1. Default username and password to Linksys Wi-Fi router –

You must know your router’ username and password in order to login. We have provided default username and password for the Cisco Linksys E1000 in the table below:

Usernames: blank
Passwords: admin

Now enter your username and password in dialog box that had appeared before.

  1. Home screen of E1000 router –

After successful login, home screen of internet router will appear on the screen.

Linksys E1000 Wireless-N Router Datasheet

Solutions to Problems Faced During Login

There are instance in which your login cannot be successful, we have mentioned solutions to some general problem that you can face –

  • Password of Cisco Linksys E1000 is not working –

You will need another password. In such cases the default password is different than most others. A list of other default passwords should be tried.

  • Can’t remember your password?

Contact your internet provider. If they have set it for you they will provide it to you and problem is solved. In case they haven’t, you can ask them to rest your Linksys E1000 username and password for you.

  • How to go back to the default setting of your Cisco E1000 –

Even after trying all the mentioned solution you cannot login, you will need to set your router of its default settings. Various guides are available that can help in resetting the default username and password of your Linksys Wi-Fi router.