Leitner LH270 Wireless Office Headset Review

The Leitner LH270 is a wireless headset engineered with office and business users in mind, renowned for its comfort, audio quality, and durability. In this review, we’ll delve into the pivotal aspects and features of the Leitner LH270 headset.

Design and Build Quality: The Leitner LH270 showcases a professional and utilitarian design. It employs an over-the-head wearing style with well-cushioned ear pads and an adjustable headband. The build quality exudes robustness, ensuring its resilience to daily usage in office settings.

Leitner LH270

Leitner LH270

Sound Quality: Audio quality on the LH270 is commendable, particularly in the realm of voice communication. It’s designed to render conversations in a clear and natural manner. While it may not cater to the demands of audiophiles or music enthusiasts, it excels in providing crystal-clear audio during calls and conferences.

Microphone Quality: The LH270 boasts a noise-canceling microphone that adeptly diminishes background noise, prioritizing your voice during conversations. This feature proves invaluable in noisy office environments or virtual meetings.

Wireless Connectivity: The LH270 offers wireless connectivity through DECT technology, delivering a stable and secure link with an impressive range of up to 350 feet from the base station. This extended reach empowers users to move around the office without compromising connection quality.


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Battery Life: Battery life is a standout feature of the LH270, offering a generous 8 hours of talk time on a single charge. The included base station also doubles as a convenient charging dock, ensuring your headset remains powered when not in use.

Controls and Convenience: The LH270 headset comes equipped with user-friendly controls for call management, volume adjustments, and microphone muting. It’s designed to be worn on either ear for enhanced flexibility, with the added advantage of multiple earpiece sizes included in the package for a customized fit.

Software Integration: While the LH270 may not offer an array of advanced software features, it boasts compatibility with various desk phones and UC platforms, endowing it with versatility for office environments.

Leitner LH270/275 Manual

Conclusion: The Leitner LH270 stands as a reliable choice for individuals seeking a comfortable and high-quality wireless headset for office communication. With its professional design, noise-canceling microphone, extensive wireless range, and long-lasting battery, it serves as a practical tool for professionals who dedicate substantial time to calls and virtual meetings. Although it may not cater to those who place a strong emphasis on multimedia or advanced software integration, the LH270 excels in its core mission—facilitating clear and efficient communication in an office environment.