IP Phone Systems for Large Business. Cisco VoIP Systems

Many people get confused in IP Phone systems, IP phone and VoIP phone network. Yes, they are same in certain ways; however, the difference is in important factor for the big businesses. They give voice transmission by Internet Protocol and packages provide the same services (like TTS, IVR and more).

Thus, they will look almost the same. However, they differ in certain way that the big business must consider about. Difference between the ip phone systems and VoIP is locus of control – IP phone system generally works within the private network, and VoIP uses the public Internet for the voice broadcast and receiving.

Cisco ip phone systems

Cisco ip phone systems

Thus, with the IP telephone systems, the quality control will be much higher than with the VoIP calls. The IP phone network gives large businesses some better advantage for the call centers and ability of networking at global scale. Although there are many benefits for using such phone systems, some of them are given here:

  1. Improve ability to telecommute and cost savings: Telecommuting will save business’ money for building the insurance rates, and there is one simple way of “going green” just by reducing the traffic from regular commute. Many big companies are now switching from the conventional call centers for having the workers telecommute. Using “soft phone” – program that is placed by company on home computer – employee may dial through Cable ISP or DSL, and get and place the calls. Caller cannot see any employee’s private details, as the company software accomplishes all.
  2. Global communications: With the ip phone system reviews, every company branches, it does not matter where they are situated are assigned the extensions. It turns many offices into a big one, as well as saves company charges for long distance calling. It helps if customer contacts any wrong calling region – simple transfer at another extension saves headaches and time.
  3. Cost efficient disaster recovery and business continuity programs: With traditional phone network, it will cost double for getting the redundant system in right place to keep continuity of the business during the disaster situation. Online-based Cisco ip phone systems are very cost efficient and cost of getting the replacement and redundant system is additional 10 to 30 percent of original system. It is the cost saving measure, which is very important for the business continuity programs.
  4. Allow clients to contact company 24/7: Due to the benefits that Internet based phone systems generally have, workers can connect with the customers in various time zones, at different schedules, and stay “open 24/7” by “global office” that IP phone give.

Obviously, there are many more reasons and benefits for the company to use Internet based on ip phone systems, however the given above reasons are the main one for the large business, it must use the IP telephony. Overall, the quality control and the cost effectiveness are big reasons for company to make this choice. One of the best things about VoIP service is that you have the cloud phone system, which is easy to install and use.