Cisco WebEx Online Video, Conferencing, Webinar

In today’s global economy, the ability to hold online meetings with a platform such as Cisco WebEx is a must. To make such meetings more convenient, Cisco has recently revised the product, giving it an interface that offers more flexibility.

The newly-revised Cisco WebEx offers personalized permanent spaces for each person to conduct his or her own video conferences. Participants in online meetings can share content in real time. Cisco has also revised the frame rate of the videos which makes it easier for participants to see each other. During a meeting, customers connected by the cloud now have the ability to access technical support, thanks to the upgrades.

Cisco Webex

Cisco Webex

Having access to such a powerful platform such as Cisco WebEx helps companies cut costs by avoiding the need for meeting face-to-face. Because meetings happen in real time, productivity increases because business processes happen more quickly. More real-time sharing of information allows executives to make better decisions faster than ever before.

The ability to connect with clients from all over the world instantly via online meetings creates deeper relationships between companies and clients through improved communication. Problems take less time to solve.

Cisco WebEx Meetings Getting Started Guide

CEOs of global corporations find that they are better able to manage employees and processes in other countries without having to travel so often to branches located in other countries. Because meetings can be conducted even on mobile devices, decisions can be made even when executives are out of the office.

Meetings can be recorded so that participants can review what was said. Less confusion means fewer mistakes. The new online meeting platform provides enhanced security, so that confidential or sensitive data shared during a meeting travels on encrypted connections to participants only.

A diverse range of companies have enjoyed huge success using Cisco WebEx for their online meetings. The NBA uses the platform for their D-League Draft organization to facilitate fast decisions and better participation. Wake Forest University, Golden Living, and the Vermeer Corporation all praise the technology for streamlining meetings and making the decision-making process go more smoothly.