What are the Benefits of Using Cisco IP Phone 8861?

The Cisco IP Phone 8861 has been made for corporate use. This phone is a combination of security, reliability, and high-fidelity. The scalable voice over communication provided by this phone has been devised for supporting small, as well as large enterprises.

There are numerous benefits of using IP phones like this. Some of the benefits have been mentioned below.

Easy to Install, Maintain, and Configure

This IP phone from Cisco can be easily installed by people who have limited technical knowledge. Instead of calling someone to set up and run the phone wiring through the office, you can set it up all by yourself.

Cisco IP Phone 8861

Cisco IP Phone 8861

The software of IP phones makes it pretty easy to add a new user, remove the existing ones, or make some changes in the configuration. There is no hardware to install and you will only require the IP phones. As a matter of fact, you will not even have to install the software.

Increases Productivity

With the help of the Cisco 8861 IP Phone, you will be able to increase the personal productivity of the employees. It provides an engaging user experience which is not only easy-to-use but is also powerful. These phones allow you to participate in video calls along with usual voice calls.

The various features of the phone allow you to stay connected with the workers. It has wideband audio that offers crystal clear sound. It has encrypted voice communication for the purpose of improving security.

Cisco IP Phone 8841, 8851, and 8861 User Guide for Cisco Unified Communications Manager 10.5

Offers Mobility

IP phones are mobile and can be moved from one desk to another. It will not have any problem in picking up the configuration information and also retain the extension. This can be carried around the office. This can be rightly called the mobile land-line.

Even though the digital phones can do this by making use of DECT technology, it is proprietary. You cannot access the data network by utilizing the DECT base stations. As a matter of fact, these IP phones come with two USB port. Thus, you can charge the phone when you are at your desk and stay connected even when you not at your desk.

Cisco IP Phone 8861 Data Sheet

Features of Cisco IP Phone 8861

The IP phone from Cisco can improve productivity with its ability to handle multiple calls from each directory number. For this, it makes use of the multi-calling-per-line feature. Here are some other important features of the IP phone.

  • High-resolution screen with colored display.
  • The phone can be integrated with personal mobile device simply by using the Cisco Intelligent Proximity.
  • The IP phone has been provided with a speakerphone that makes it flexible to place or receive calls with the help of the hands-free. For security purpose, the audible dual tone multi-frequency tones are masked when you use the speakerphone.
  • It has an easy-to-use interface and offers a telephone like user-experience.
  • It offers five programmable line lines. The keys can be configured to calling features like speed dial or multiple directory numbers.

This IP phone from Cisco will enable you to achieve your objectives and also stay competitive in the market. It will accelerate your growth and will offer flexibility to your organization.