Cisco Ip Phone 7942 Specification and User Guide

Cisco ip phone 7942 user guide can help you to solve operational issues that you might have with the new VoIP phone. This 9742 Cisco system generally comes at integrated feature, which gives your voice telecommunication on IP network. This functionality is similar to digital phone for business that helps you make any phone calls and gives an access to these features like the call transfer and forwarding, mute, feature, speed dial, or many others.

Aside from this voice communication, this IP phone will be linked to any data network as well as supports many functions like this, which includes media and signaling encryption, mechanism and authentication. Just like many other phone net, this Cisco 7942 system must be directed and configured before any use. However, it doesn’t need to be one problem since there are some configuration details given by this guidebook of new Cisco 7942.

Cisco Ip Phone 7942

Cisco Ip Phone 7942

The Cisco ip phone 7942 phone will be able to encode the G729ab, G.722, G.711a and u, or can decipher iLBC, G729, a and b. This phone also supports uncompressed voice wide band (16bits and16KHz) of audio. Besides the conventional phone features like calling, text messaging, speed call dialing, redialing of your calls, call forwarding and transferring, this new Cisco 7942 gives encryption functionalities, which may offer you eventual experience. Therefore, it has the dimension of 8x11x6” and weighs 3.5pounds.

Cisco IP Phones 7942G and 7962G User Guide


It depends on a type of this configuration and programmable buttons that give access to the features of the call (example, transfer, any privacy button or hold), internet services or speed dial (which includes features of BLF dial).

Here are given some indicate when to use the Cisco 7942:

  • Whenever to hold any of the call, the green light will turn on
  • Whenever you want two ways of intercom call and activate this call, press on a green button.
  • Flashing amber will activate on reverting and incoming call
  • The steady light appears for active DND, privacy and one way of intercom
  • Red light will indicate distant line at use
  • Red light will indicate distant call is on hold

Lines and Calls by using the Cisco ip phone 7942 voicemail instructions

There is the intercom number and directory call phone number at every line that others will call you. That depends on configuration, this Cisco phone supports 1 or 2 of lines. Check the correct side on your display screen and see how many of lines that you have with Cisco ip phone 7942 headset.

Note every line of yours will support many calls; however, just one will stay active on one time. Some of the incoming phone calls are on hold while there’s an active call. Cisco merges video, mobile and data apps of Cisco ip phone 7942 troubleshooting with mobile and set networks, and sending rich association over government organization and institutional workspaces. Safety, scalability and flexibility of phone network allow users at any workplace to connect anytime and anywhere, by using device and operating system.