Cisco IP Phone 7940 User Guide

The Cisco IP phone 7940 is an amazing phone for doing businesses of various kinds. This is not shocking considering the fact that Cisco IP phones have continued to attract many customers owing to their great combination of features. They are highly functional and come with an elegant design.

Since they rely on the award winning Cisco IOS, they are highly scalable and functional oriented in nature. It is often able to attract many customers owing to its high resolution and a mind blowing wideband audio which is high fidelity in nature.

Cisco IP Phone 7940

Cisco IP Phone 7940

In general, the phone is meant for individuals who work in small working environments. If you belong to this category of workers, you will definitely enjoy using the phone. It can be used for a number of things especially conducting business activities such as transactions or account related tasks. It is an amazing phone with a great combination of features as indicated below.

Information Systems Cisco 7940/7942 IP Phone Quick Reference Guide

Major Features

  • Display button
  • Directories key
  • Headset port
  • Ring tones
  • Codec support
  • Many security features
  • Buttons for instantly accessing the speaker, headsets and mute
  • Message key
  • Button for accessing instant help
  • Settings key
  • Language support
  • Volume control
  • Wideband audio is available
  • Speakerphone

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General Remarks On The Product

The Cisco IP phone 7940 is certainly a great product. It is a unified phone worth looking out for. From the information above, it is clear that the product comes with a wide range of attractive features. Most notably, it comes with the provision for accessing more than a dual of telephone lines. Thanks to this feature, it is possible to combine a single line and any feature from the list of direct-access telephony attributes.

What makes the product so attractive to many customers is the fact that it features easily accessible buttons. Users can instantly access help by simply clicking on the help button. Further, users can also gain instant access to the volume control features of the phone by simply clicking on the volume control option. There is also the display option which enables users to instantly awaken the display if it has not been in action for some time.

The device also comes with the language support feature which has been incorporated for purposes of enabling users to use the phone irrespective of their native languages. The help feature is present for purposes of enabling users to easily learn how to use the phone.

If you are a fanatic of ring tones, there is no need to worry too much. This brand of the Cisco IP phone is capable of delivering amazing results in this regard owing to its great combination of ring tones.

Being in the Cisco 7000 series, the Cisco IP 7940 has most of the features that each of the IP phones in the series has. But, it lacks a few notable features that advanced members of the series such as the 7975 and 7995 have.