Cisco CP 8831: Effective Way to Collaborate with Your Clients

The Cisco CP 8831 offers comprehensive, highly secure, and mission-critical unified communication. This is the ideal phone for conference rooms and offices of executives. The phone can prove to be useful for small, as well as large businesses.

The phones have an ergonomic design that makes the user the first priority. The phone has a control panel so that you can take a look at the display without even moving the entire unit. Also, the device mute status can be viewed from all the sides. With the help of the phone, you will have a productive, pleasing, and secure communication experience with your clients and customers.

Cisco CP 8831

Cisco CP 8831

Features and Benefits of Cisco CP 8831

  • The IP phone from Cisco has an extended room coverage that supports daisy chaining the two units.
  • Since it offers expanded room coverage it is suitable for small, standard conference room, large boardroom, or regular boardroom.
  • It encrypts the media using the SRTP or Secure Real-Time Transport Protocol.
  • The phone offers support for the optional DECT the wireless extension microphone which is sold separately.
  • The superior wide-band acoustics offer enhanced speaker recognition and speech quality.
  • A local power supplied isn’t required as it has IEEE 802.3af line power.

There are several ways by which a business will be able to benefit from conference calls. A face-to-face meeting is not always the best way to communicate with other people. There are some meetings which easily be replaced by audio conference calls. This is an easy and spontaneous way. It has a wide range of benefits. Some of the significant benefits of Cisco 8831 conference phone have been given below.

Cisco Unified IP Conference Phone 8831 and 8831NR Quick Reference

The Sound

When you hold an important meeting, you will always want top-quality sound for a confusion-free and effective meeting. A traditional speakerphone will not be able to offer you that. This is because this doesn’t allow speech in both the directions like a Cisco conference phone. Usually, the microphone range is pretty poor. This might result in a loss of interest. The conference phone from Cisco offers crystal clear sound.


You can be spontaneous with the audio conferencing feature. You will be able to pull together an ad hoc meeting with anyone who uses a phone. Thus, it is easy to be creative and communicate the idea spontaneously with your team.

Cisco Unified IP Conference Phone 8831 Data Sheet

Save Time and Money

You can gather colleagues to have a phone meeting and carry on with your scheduled task after the meeting is complete. No longer will you have to postpone meetings because of traffic jams and missed flights. This will not only help you to save money but will also save a considerable amount of time.

With the help of conference phones, you will not have to pay a significant amount of money for making long distance calls. Added benefits of the phones are that you will be able to send emails, incorporate video messaging, and download files. A conference phone offers superior performance over the traditional phones.

The phone will help in accelerating the growth of your business by increasing the efficiency and productivity of the workers.