Cisco 8845: Offering Flexibility to the Phone System

The Cisco 8845 is an affordable IP phone that is not only easy-to-use but is also highly secure. It offers comprehensive VoIP communication. This IP phone has several features which can prove to be useful for businesses such as the flexible deployment option.

Features of Cisco IP Phone 8845

This IP phone from Cisco enables you to have video communication at an affordable price. Thus, it is the ideal phone for administrative staff, knowledge workers, manager, and also executives. This is suitable for a workplace environment. Here are some stunning features of the IP phone.

  • The phone has one-touch 720 HD desktop which is easy-to-use.
  • It can be integrated with personal mobile devices with Cisco Intelligent Proximity.
  • The wideband audio of the phone results in exceptional clarity.
  • The phone reduces carbon footprint and energy cost during the off-work hours.
  • The 5 inch widescreen, high-resolution, and colored display makes it convenient to interact and navigate.
  • 3af/at Power over Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet reduces the infrastructure and installation cost.

This IP phone can make the phone system greatly flexible. The function that is offered by this IP phone from Cisco is simply unachievable by traditional phones. For instance, you will be able to enjoy the following,

Cisco 8845 Quick Start Phone Guide

Take the Phone with You

As long as you have broadband, you will be able to use the IP phone anywhere you want such a friend’s home or a hotel room. The employees and customers will be able to stay in touch with you just by calling the regular business number. They will not have to call on your cellphone number which means you will be able to save some valuable cellphone minutes.

Increase Productivity

The phone numbers of Cisco 8845 can be configured to ring simultaneously on multiple devices such as landline and cells before it goes over to voice mail. This helps in eliminating the time consuming phone tag.

Cisco IP Phone 8845 Data Sheet

Get Faxes and Voice Mail with You E-Mail

You will be able to transfer the faxes and voice mail automatically forwarded to the mail box. This way you will be able to get all the messages at one place. The faxes and voice mails can also be archived and forwarded to others.

Reduces Telecommunication Cost

The operating cost of IP phones is pretty lower than the traditional phones. In fact, businesses will no longer have to maintain separate network for data and phones. When you use these phones, the cost of long distance calls is also reduced.

Cisco 8845

Cisco 8845

Apart from making phone calls, you will also be able to make video conferencing calls through this phone. This means you will easily be able to stay in touch with the clients and co-workers for important affairs, deals, files, meetings, agendas, documents, and any other matter.

Whether it is small or a big business, the IP phone from Cisco can prove to be beneficial. You do not have to travel since you will be able to use the feature of conference calls or video calls. Moreover, adding contacts has never been this easy. With the help of this, you will be able to work easily from remote places that have internet connection.