Cisco 7937g Complete Features and User Guide

Cisco 7937g IP conference phone station. Cisco phones network gives high levels of the incorporated business functionality as well as converged features, exceeding traditional voice methods of nowadays and cutthroat deals. Being top organizer in this IP telephony network, Cisco continues to bring up the inclusive data with VoIP technologies, tendering the whole and trendy featured network for your company and business customers.

New Cisco 7937g also combines the high-tech phone conferencing methods with this valued voice phone technologies from Cisco. This IP phone gives the best micro phone superiority and wide band voice, or with the basic wiring and executive price advantages. With featured phone network, Cisco 7937G is also made for any work with the PC, meeting rooms and managerial suites.

Cisco 7937g

Cisco 7937g


Cisco 7937g gives improvements on current Cisco 7936 for phone and with some new amazing features and function that will comprise of:

  • Cisco Cube Three and Power at Ethernet
  • Best wide band acoustics & G722
  • 3rd party micro phone support
  • High room coverage of around 30ft by 40ft with micro phone kit
  • Localization at six months shipment
  • Big LCD backlit

How to connect a Cisco Model 7937 Conference Phone

Cisco model 7937

Cisco model 7937


Cisco IP Warranty

The Cisco networks are actually covered from Cisco 1 year of warranty for replacement.

Services Provided

Cisco and their certified partners will assist you to organize the safe and flexible Cisco Communications resolution and conference deployment agendas and speed up business gain. New Cisco 7937g is totally based at established methodologies to merging voice, video, text and mobile apps on portable and set networks. Cisco’s lifecycle advancement for services classifies some necessary activities in every stage of lifecycle. This customized devise and development services generally center on making the solution, which meets to your business requirements. The appreciated support boosts the operational efficiency. The remote services also simplify daily operations, and optimization solutions improve performance whenever your industry needs any kind of change.

Cisco Unified IP Conference Station 7937g quick reference

Micro phone Kit

Expand your Cisco 7937G phone network with the given set of two micro phones expansion that are as well provided. Extend the coverage in your room of 30ft by 40ft with your Cisco 7937g microphone kit. It is perfect to incorporate the wide coverage in Cisco 7937G network phone, making sure that the background sound gets condensed and gets more applications. CP7937 KIT includes 2 microphones, which connect CP7937G Conference that is as well provided by the Cisco. Microphones expand the coverage of the voice and improve the speaker’s productivity. CP7937 KIT is designed for the bigger areas with backdrop noise that you get while you are on a call. Imagine you think to add any new conference in your network. No problem. You are suggested to upgrade current Cisco Conference 7937g at firmware release 1.4 in order to simplify administration of these conference stations. These are some of the best features that are given by the Cisco network for very reasonable price range and best in service.

Package Contents:

  • Microphone cable
  • Expansion microphones