Cisco 7921G IP Phone Data Sheet and Spec

The sophisticated unified and voice telecommunications abilities over the business with Cisco 7921g ip phone. This sleek, and second generation of the wireless telephone, supports many calling functions and quality of sound, comprises of:

  • With larger (2”) color display (with 176X220 of TFT) it becomes easier to read and it improves the XML apps
  • The IEEE 80211 standards, which enable clients to use phone at 2.4 to 5GHz bands
  • Innate interface
  • Integrated speaker phone abilities
  • Volume and Mute function keys built in or Application button for supporting the Push and Talk through XML language
  • Charger and hands-free phone for sine improved functionality
  • Stability for the business settings
  • High battery end life (over 200hours of stand-in time & 15.5hours talk time)
  • Variety of receiver for good RF line coverage
  • High sound quality & support for the wide band audio
  • Wireless safety features that includes EAP-TLS, CCKM, PEAP, EAP, LEAP, WPA & 2, WEP, AES and TKIP/MIC
  • Support many enterprises apps by XML
  • Support Wave link Avalanche
  • Voice safety features that includes Protocol, Certificates, as well as Layer Safety
  • Quality of service features that includes QBSS, and WMM
Cisco 7921g ip phone

Cisco 7921g ip phone

Cisco 7921g generally supports many different calling functions and quality voice enhancements. This network is the advanced IP telephone and delivers the wideband audio abilities and features. Besides wide band voice, Cisco 7921g supports the presence that allows the users of Wi-Fi setting to look through the present status of users with Cisco 7921g.  Power of Cisco Telecommunications products expands all over the office setting just by sending converged and powerful solution of the best infrastructure and new product service with the Cisco 7921G.

Cisco Unified Wireless IP Phone 7921G Data Sheet

The Cisco 7921G now supports many different calling functions and enhancements qualities. As Cisco 7921G made the growing out of the network abilities, the features can keep the pace with the latest enhancements. The Cisco 7921g expands all over the company with some powerful and converged service with the best infrastructure and new product – with new Cisco 7921G. The Cisco 7921g device also delivers the mobility for users making the use of LAN.

Cisco Unified Wireless IP Phone 7921G
Deployment Guide

Cisco Telecommunications is the complete communication network of voice, mobility and phone products or apps. It allows the effectual, safe, special telecommunications that involve productivity and sales. This brings the people safety, which is all over, and information is obtainable where needed by allowing the new method of telecommunicating and where this business goes out with you.

The Cisco Network is a part of included service, which comprises the infrastructure, mobility, safety, other services, products, outsourced supervision and flexible use options, professional user and partner financing deals and the 3rd party telecommunications apps. This power of the Cisco family of different products generally expands across the company just by sending powerful and complete solution with best infrastructure and new product of Cisco 7921G. The device also sends complete mobility for users who use the voice LAN.