Cisco 7912 Offers New Features and Greater User Satisfaction

Cisco has launched a number of high functional IP phones in the market recently. These are used by businesses and offices in many parts of the world for call coverage and management. The Cisco 7912 model is the perfect choice for cubicle workers who handle low to moderate telephone traffic every day.

The Ethernet switch integration of this model provides LAN connectivity to any collocated computer. Additionally, the inline power feature makes it possible for the phone to receive power over LAN, offering centralized power control to the network administrator.

Cisco 7912

Cisco 7912

With the combination of inline power and Ethernet switch, reduces the amount of cabling. All that is required is a singular wire to the desktop.

Cisco 7912 User Guide

Benefits of Using IP Phones like Cisco 7912

  • When it comes to communication systems, this is one of the most economical options available to many. The cost-effectiveness of IP phones is one of the major reasons why they have become popular. As IP phones use the internet connection that is already being used and paid for, the cost of calls becomes minimized and an extremely cost-efficient option.
  • These phones are also known for offering a number of user-friendly features and options. For example, instead of just receiving the calls, they can also be put on hold, muted, forwarded, transferred etc. You can also hold conference calls with more than one person at a time.
  • International calls are also quite cheap. This is an important benefit as the business world has shrunk due to high connectivity. Companies are now doing business with overseas establishments. In order to make sure that these long-distance ventures are successful, there needs to be an open and cheap line of communication between the authorities.
  • The use of IP phones in business is improves overall productivity and efficiency. The technology is constantly being improved and changes are being introduced in newly introduced models. Calls from IP phones can also be made using your computer. All you will need are microphones and speakers.
  • The headset which comes with it is compatible with hearing aid and thus can be used by anyone. This is in keeping with the ADA or American Disabilities Act.
  • Some other popular features of the phone the enigmatic pixel based display, the menu key which gives access to a number of other functions, and the call hold feature. You can also adjust the decibel, i.e. the volume of the calls to have a better experience while talking for long.

Cisco Unified Ip Phone 7912g Data Sheet

Cisco IP phone 7912 series is extremely easy to install, manage and configure. Even people with moderate to know technical knowledge will be able to install the set easily and learn to use it various features. Also, it provides mobility as the phone set can be shifted anywhere and it will still pick up on the configuration settings. Unlike landlines, it doesn’t have to be plugged in to one place.

Additionally, it offers features other than calling such as intercom and even older ones like paging and faxing. These qualities make Cisco IP Phones a product for everyone.