Cisco 3850 Switch Installation Guide and Spec

Verification of these guidelines should be done at time of installation of the Cisco 3850 switch –

  1. Rear panel and switch should have clearance that meets these conditions –
  • Easy reading of the front – panel LED must be there.
  • For unrestricted cablings sufficient access should be there to the port.
  • Length of the connector and minimum bend radius of the SFP+ or SFP should meet.
  • AC power cord coming from AC power outlet should be long enough to reach rear panel’s connect on switch Cisco 3850.
  • More information is given in the SFP+ or SFP module documentation.
Cisco 3850 Switch

Cisco 3850 Switch

  1. Electric noise source like fluorescent lighting, power lines, radios fixtures should be away from all the cabling. Other devices that might damage the cables should be carefully kept away from the cables.
  2. First rack mount of switches should be done before installing the power supply module that have switch that has optional power supply module of 1100 – W.
  3. Before moving the Cisco 3850 switch make sure the fan modules and power supply modules are safely integrated to the chassis.
  4. Power cord’s access should always be done only after the module removed from the switch, while disconnecting or connecting the power cord on the Cisco 3850 which is integrated to 1100 – W power supply equipped switch below or above.
  5. Unrestricted airflow should be present through the vents and switch.
  6. Cable length of 328 feet (100 meters) should be used from switch to the connected devices for copper connections on Ethernet ports.
  7. Temperature should be maintained below 113°F (45°C). In case the unit is installed in a closed multipack assembly, maintain temperature more than the room around it.
  8. Humidity around switch should be maintained around 95%.
  9. At installation site, altitude should not exceed more than 10,000 feet.
  10. Switch contains cooling mechanism such as blowers and fans, these can cause accumulation of dust and other contaminants in the chassis, and this can lead to malfunction of system. Installation of the devices should be done in environment which is as possible is free from dust.

Catalyst 3850 Switch Getting Started Guide

Box Content

Guide provided with switch describes the content present in the box. If any of them is damaged or missing, contact reseller or Cisco representative for support.

Equipment and tools needed –

Other necessary tools needed are –

  • For mounting 16 – port switch and 8 – port switch a drill with drill bit #27 (3.7 mm [0.144 inch]).
  • Philips number 2 screwdriver for mounting the switch to the rack.

Cisco Catalyst 3850 Series Switches Data Sheet

What’s Next?

After satisfactory default configuration, no further configuration of the switch is needed. Below management options can be used to adjust default configuration:-

  • To configure Cisco switch 3850 as an individual switch or as a member of cluster from the console, use CLI.
  • Cisco prime infrastructure application can also be used.
  • As described in the starting guide start with network assistant option. Monitoring and configuration of a cluster switch or an individual one can done using this GUI.