Cisco 1921 Router User Manual and Data Sheet

Cisco’s devices including the Cisco 1921 router and 2800 router often attract the attention of many customers around the globe. They have something to offer to any one out there. Over the years, Cisco has been renowned for being a great producer of routers. Not shocking, their routers attract a lot of attention from scores of customers around the world.

One of their most renowned router devices is the Cisco 1921 integrated services router. This falls into a series of routers that have a number of mind blowing features. It features the latest router technology coupled with a number of advancements aimed at superseding the previous versions. It is for this reason that this router is among the best routers that are available on the market today.

Cisco 1921 Series Integrated Services Routers Data Sheet

Main Features

Here is a look at the most notable features of the router Cisco 1921 in order to understand why it is one of the most sought after Cisco routers.

  • Simple modular but elegant design leading to a highly functional lightweight router
  • Modules that support Cisco PoE and 802.3af PoE
  • A dual of Ethernet ports of the type 10/100/1000 which are integrated
  • Can accommodate a dual of single EHWIC wide modules or a double module of the same type
  • A dual of WAN Interface card slots
  • A vast array of security features including integrated system for controlling threats, various Cisco firewalls, content filtering, encrypted communication, authorization, accounting, authentication and various ways of identity management.
  • Comes with VPN encryption which is hardware-accelerated and embedded in the device
Cisco 1921 Router

Cisco 1921 Router

The features indicated above are generally what make the Cisco router 1921 unique. They set it part from the other routers that are available on the market today. For example, it comes with a modular design that enables users to accommodate a vast array of modules thus making it possible for them to satisfy their business needs.

Further, it comes with a wide range of applications along with data and mobility services that are highly secure. This is by far one of the most secure routers to have ever been produced by Cisco.

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General Remarks on the Cisco 1921

In line with the information above, it is obviously easy for you to deduce that the Cisco 1921 router is an amazing product that is worth buying. But, you can also see that it lacks some features which most of the latest 2000 series routers are capable of offering. It is still capable of attracting many customers despite this setback.

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What is actually interesting to note is the fact that the Cisco 1921 router had set the mark for routers when it combined a sleek design with amazing features that can satisfy the needs of any user. Most notably, the router has the capacity to meet the application demands of small businesses of all kinds.

The coming of the cloud based services prompted Cisco to come up with Cisco 1921 in order to support cloud based services making the series a complete router package for small businesses. If you want to buy any router from the 1900 series, you can choose between the 1921, 1941 and 1941W.