Advantages of Using Cisco Bluetooth Headset

Bluetooth is used for short range functionality and transmissions and Cisco bluetooth headset are compatible with most of their IP phones. Bluetooth headsets are great for transmission even though the reaching range can be a limiting factor Bluetooth devices have a hands free function that is also great for phone calls and user freedom, they can also be used for music transmission.

There are also desktop devices that can function with bluetooth, they will have base stations that will be connected with cables so to use the bluetooth a device will have to be paired to the base station. This gives the bluetoooth device the ability to communicate with other devices on its connection.

Cisco Bluetooth Headset

Cisco Bluetooth Headset

Using Bluetooth Headsets on Cisco Phones

Cisco wireless bluetooth headset is used for phone calls on its channels and this is only possible if your IP phone Is bluetooth enabled. If you have two models of headsets and they could be bluetooth enabled or not, it is important to note that only one set of headsets will be able to function at any given moment.

Using a USB headset will disconnect your bluetooth device as well as the analog one. To get the most out of your bluetooth device always try and use it within the 10 feet range.

Cisco Bluetooth Headset Quick Start Guide

Functions of Cisco Bluetooth Headset bluetooth headset for cisco ip phone

You can use your bluetooth headset to make calls remotely and at the same time it can also be used to end the phone calls. You can also make volume adjustments on you bluetooth headset device even during a phone call.

With these headsets one can also redial a number without having to go to the actual phone, they also notify you of who is calling you as they are able to show the caller id. These bluetooth headsets enable one to reject a phone call or simply divert the call to another number, you can also place a call on hold so you can take another call or you can simply end the current phone call so as to take on another one.

Data Sheet for Jawbone ICON for Cisco Bluetooth Headset

Using Cisco IP phone Bluetooth Headset

When ever your device is paired to Cisco wireless headset an icon that is synonymous with bluetooth will appear on your screen as a notification. From your applications it is very easy to switch blue tooth on or off.

Adding a bluetooth device is also fairly simple. First off you have to switch on bluetooth headsets so that it is is to discover them, on your device go to your applications and select the bluetooth menu, from there choose the add a bluetooth device option. Your ip phone will now be able to search for any close bluetooth objects within its range. You can now choose your bluetooth headset and pair the two. You should enter the pin should that option be available.

Disconnecting the bluetooth pairing is also an easy process, from your bluetooth menu just select your headsets and click on disconnect and the pairing will be dropped. You can also just press on the headset option to delete that particular one.