Cisco Wireless Access Point

With the Cisco Wireless Access Point, you can have the security your small business needs as well as the convenience of wireless access to allow your employees to access your wired network no matter where they are within your office. Even if they are in an area without access to one of your company’s computers perhaps in a conference room or in a private meeting with a client, they can pull out a laptop and access all of the information they need for their task without the inconvenience of relocating, client and all, to another room. Continue reading

Cisco Commerce Workspace an Example of Efficiency

To do business with Cisco once required the company’s partners to use 21 different commerce tools to get quotes, to configure, and to order products from Cisco, but with the Cisco Commerce Workspace, channel partners only need one. To get all of these tools working together as a seamless whole system provided a much faster system. It is no surprise that one of the company’s representatives, Thomas Winter, reported “significant productivity gains” from the system in his January 22, 2014 blog post. Continue reading

cisco commerce workspace