Cisco Catalyst 3750 Series Switches Specification and Manual

Cisco Catalyst 3750 switch helps in improving the efficiency of LAN. These switches are easy to manage and deploy and are energy efficient. They not only provide high quality of service but also guarantee security.

Some examples of Cisco Catalyst 3750 Series switches are, Cisco Catalyst 3750-24PS, Cisco Catalyst 3750-48 PS Switches, Cisco Catalyst 3750G-16TD Switch, Cisco Catalyst 3750G-48TS Switch, Cisco Catalyst 3750G-48PS Switch, Cisco Catalyst 3750G-24TS-1U Switch and Cisco Catalyst 3750G-24PS Switch.

Cisco Catalyst 3750

Cisco Catalyst 3750

All these switches are available in IP service image or IP Base image. IP Service image includes features like multicast routing and advanced IPv6 and IP Base image includes features like advances quality of service, static routing and routing information protocol.

Catalyst 3750 Switch Getting Started Guide

Features of Cisco 3750 Switch are;

  • Energy Efficient: An innovative technology known as Cisco EnergyWise technology helps in the reduction of energy consumption thus preventing greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Ease of use and Deployment: The stacks can be configured automatically. By using dynamic host configuration protocol multiple switches are auto configured. Also, with the help of automated QoS, the configuration of voice over IP is simplified. Some other techniques used that helps to ease the deployment and management process include, Dynamic trunking protocol, link aggregation control protocol and auto sensing of ports.
  • Availability: Cisco 3750 switches increases the availability of the switches that needs to be stacked. These switches can perform dual work of acting as a master that controls the switches and as a processor that forwards the switches. This helps in providing uninterrupted and higher efficiency performance in Layer 2 and Layer 3.
  • Smart Multicast: These switches increases the efficiency and performance form multicasting.

Cisco Catalyst 3750 Series Switches Data Sheet

  • Bandwidth Optimization: Many protocols are used that enhances the bandwidth performance by properly and fairly allocating the bandwidth, so that the availability of bandwidth is maximized.
  • High Performance IP routing: Cisco 3750 switches have capability to enhance the performance of IP routing. This can be achieved by using basic IP unicast routing protocol that usually support applications that have small network. Other protocols that are used to enhance the performance of IP routing are, IPv6 routing, Advanced IP unicast routing protocols, policy based routing that facilitates flow redirection, HSRP that provides balancing of load in a dynamic manner and Inter-VLAN IP routing.
  • Security Features: Switch Cisco 3750 allows dynamic security features like the port based security, user authentication, dynamic VLAN assignment and extended IP security. Some other security features include.
  • Manageability: Each Cisco Catalyst 3750 Series stack has a single IP address and this helps in its proper management. For example, when each switch has single IP address to manage, the activities like fault detection, QoS controls, network security and VLAN modification and creation will be easy and manageable.
  • Dynamic ARP inspection that helps in securing the users form malicious activities.
  • IP source guard that protects a user’s IP address.
  • DHCP Snooping that helps in preventing malicious users from sending bogus addresses.