Cisco Catalyst 3560 Switch User Guide and Data Sheet

Cisco Catalyst 3560 series switches are fast Ethernet switches that are energy efficient. These switches helps in managing the power consumption of all the devices that are attached to it. Cisco 3560 switches are access layer switches and layer 3 switches. They are ideal for LAN access, for small companies.

Also, these switches help in deploying new applications. These applications include wireless access IP telephony and video surveillance.

Catalyst 3560 Switch Getting Started Guide

The Features of Cisco Catalyst 3560

  • It is a fixed line configuration switch and IEEE 802.3af is include.
  • Gigabit Ethernet: With fast Ethernet, almost upto 1000 Mbps, this feature provides a large bandwidth so that the ever increasing demand of bandwidth is met. This helps in reducing congestions in networks and hence boosting the performance of the switch. Let us consider an example, in a company, an employee participates in the conference through video conferencing. This employee then sends spreadsheets to the participants of the conference. While doing this a high definition video is being explained by that employee. All this needs a lot of data with high speed. Cisco 3560 switch helps in providing means to scale such a large data while simultaneously providing PoE support for maximum efficiency.
  • POE (Power over Ethernet): For deployment of IP or access points of WLAN (Wireless LAN), Cisco Catalyst 3560 switches provide less cost of ownership. This feature eliminates the need to supply individual power to each device.

Cisco Catalyst 3560 Series Switches Data Sheet

  • Network Intelligence: Cisco switch 3560 provides means to meet the new demands of the developing networks like,
  • Increasing the computing power of the network.
  • Managing multiple network devices like LAN, cameras and IP phones.
  • Introducing applications that consume minimum bandwidth.
  • Adding intelligent services to the networks.
  • Energy Management: The switches are based on a concept of EnergyWise technology. This EnergyWise is an innovative concept that promotes energy saving networks by reducing the power consumption to the devices.
  • Ease of Deployment: using and deploying this switch is quite easy as it is has advanced software.
Cisco Catalyst 3560

Cisco Catalyst 3560

  • Security: This is another important feature of switches Cisco 3560 that offer enhanced security features that can protect the important information of companies and also guard the company’s privacy policy.
  • Superior Manageability: The various management features that the switch performs are, to negotiate power settings, switching database for accessing and routing purposes, checking the hardware health and also the health of the components, supporting a number of ID’s, GMPv3 snooping and monitoring the traffic and managing it.
  • Advanced QoS: The superior and multilayer QoS features of Cisco 3560 switches, helps in maintain the network traffic classified along with giving it the required amount of priority. The configuration of this feature is automated. There are many other features that these switches provide like allocating bandwidth based on certain criteria and also queuing and scheduling incoming packets.