Why Use a Cisco 7970 Conference Phone?

As connectivity improves globally, it has made the world smaller and the people closer to one another. This has brought great things for the corporate world. Businesses, both big and small are highly dependent on communication between several parties. A few decades ago, this long-distance communication was largely hindered by inefficient devices and poor connectivity. However, with improvements in connection technology, Cisco Unified Communications have introduced a number of premium conference phones. One, from their array of high quality products is Cisco 7970.

This is a perfect conference phone to be used in offices that deal with a moderate amount of telephone traffic. The key features offered by this device make it easily useable and provides accessible features. The screen is high-resolution and several details like brightness and font can be adjusted. It is also has high touch-sensitivity and magnificent color.

Cisco Unified IP Phone Guide 7970G and 7971G for Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express Version 7.1

Some Other Pro Features of Cisco IP Phone 7970G

  • Directories: The directory makes it easy to view messages and return calls at once. The corporate directory has been integrated with the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol. The direct call-back capability allows you to return calls by accessing the Cisco 7970 directory easily.
  • Microphone Ports and External Speaker: The phone is fitted with 3.5 mm stereo jacks to connect external microphone and externals speakers to it. These characteristics work in a similar way that they do in modern computers. However, it must be noted that when external audio equipment is fitted to it, the electrical signals introduced is beyond the control of the phone. Hence, the voice quality cannot be endorsed by Cisco when it comes to external equipment.
  • Volume Control: In order to have a clear conversation on the phone, the volume has to be at a comfortable level. Whether it is the volume of the headset, speaker or handset, the volume can be adjusted easily. The headset provided with Cisco Unified IP Phone 7970 is hearing aid compatible.
Cisco 7970

Cisco 7970

  • Messages: There might be times when you are not available to take a call. In order to make sure you miss no important information, this phone offers voicemail feature which will store all your messages till you find time to check them out. The voicemails can be accessed with a single touch of a button.
  • Settings: The settings feature allows a number of ways to customize the device according to individual needs. The contrast of the display screen can be adjusted as required and there are a number of ringtone to choose from. Moving past display settings, users can also change network configuration preferences, from automatic to manual. Apart from this, the device and security configuration can also be altered.
  • Voice Quality: The voice quality is superior and free of distortions and background noise. Voice Activity Detection or VAD is programmed into the phone to provide best voice metrics to users on both ends.

Cisco IP Phone 7970G Data Sheet

This conference phone model includes some of the best state-of-the-art technologies and features that enhance the experience of the user. Its applications are timesaving and can be accessed easily. If you are looking for a handy speaker phone with crystal clear voice facility, Cisco 7970 is a perfect fit.