Cisco 4500 Switch Specification and User Guide

These are fixed switch aggregation devices that provides best in class, simplified network virtualization, scalability and integrated network services. It is designed to meet growth opportunities of any business. Cisco 4500 switch provides 10 gigabit Ethernet per port bandwidth and flexible Net Flow for visibility of applications. There are more to add which are as following –

  1. Performance and scalability –
  • Throughput of 250 Mpps with switching capacity of 800 – Gbps.
  • For easy migration of IPv4 to IPv6 dynamic hardware forwarding is allotted.
  • 10/100/1000 RJ -45 management and console port.
  • Flexible storage options with external SD card and USB support.
  • Support for dual stack with utilization of innovative resources, for IPv6 networks through wired network rate forwarding.
Cisco 4500 Switch

Cisco 4500 Switch

  1. Infrastructure services –
  • For layer 3 segmentation, Multi- VRF technology through network visualization.
  • Cisco IOS Software, for virtualized borderless services the modular open application platform is available.
  • For fast diagnosis, provisioning and reporting, automation through Embedded Event Manager (EEM).
  • In a VSS enabled system, reduced components with maximum resiliency, Nonstop Stateful / Forwarding Switchover (SS0/ NSF) and software in- service upgrade is provided.

Catalyst 4500 Series Switches Installation Guide

  1. Cisco 4500 switch’s borderless network services –
  • Video quality services, security and monitoring are simplified by Media net capabilities. To support media applications, multicast features like Source – Specific Multicast (SSM) and Protocol Independent Multicast (PIM) enhance the scalability provided to the enterprise customers.
  • Flexible Net Flow supporting rich layer 2/3/4 information (MAC, TCP, VLAN flags) with deep visibility provide optimized application performance. IP service level agreement by synthetic traffic monitoring (SLA).
  1. Investment protection and reduced TCO – Cisco 4500 switch integrates many network services thus eliminating the need for standalone solutions. Accelerating development time and streamlining management is provided to the customers with total low cost ownership. Services integrated on Cisco 4500 series switches are –
  • Application control and visibility.
  • Any user datagram protocol based flows and troubleshooting videos. (Media trace)
  • Assessment of video network readiness by use of in – built traffic stimulator with operation IP SLA video.
  • Third party application can be run through it. (wire shark)
  • Cisco Trustsec security.

Cisco Catalyst 4500 Series Switch Data Sheet

  1. Simplified operations through automation – need for development and management and evolution of new technologies have grown as campus switching are in support of increasing enterprise demands. Thus simplified operation are important to meet these challenges and having increased operating efficiency via reduction in unplanned network downtime and proactive management. Cisco switch 4500 provides these bunch of capabilities for simplifying the operation –
  • AutoQoS and Auto installation for fast development.
  • Applications like Generic Online Diagnostic (GOLD), Smart Call Home, and Digital Optical Monitoring (DOM) are present to simplify the operations.
  • Image management and plug and play configuration via smart install direct support,
  • Net Flow and third party application by EEM integration.
  • Improved configuration management by configuration rollback.
  • Effective and simplified power management by Cisco Energy Wise.
  • SSO, ISSU, and NSF are installed for simplified high availability and change management for development VSS.