Benefits of Cisco IP Phone 7911 Phones for Conference Calls

Business phone systems which are specially made for office use are of premium build and high quality specifications and configurations. The use of phones such as Cisco IP Phone 7911 can bring several benefits for your business, regardless of whether you have a few dozen employs or hundreds of them.

These phone systems are easy to understand and manage and use data from your own secured network for operation. This not only leads to cost savings but is also brings more productivity on a day to day basis. These phones have state-of-the-art control features which make them extremely efficient to use.

Cisco IP Phone 7911

Cisco IP Phone 7911

Benefits of Cisco IP Phone 7911

  • This phone has enhanced memory capability to support several added options and application features.
  • It offers CallManager line side security from Cisco which protects it from external threats.
  • Just like other Cisco Unified communication systems, the user interface is easy to use and efficient.

Cisco 7911 User Guide

IP Phones vs. Analog/Digital Phones

There are some basic differences between these two types of phones and both have their pros and cons. However, one is believed to be better than the other in many ways. Given below is a simple comparison between several aspects of using analog or digital phones vs. IP phones like Cisco 7911:

  • Mobility: The best functional quality of IP phones is that they are easily movable from one place to another. You can pick them up from one desk and place them on another without any issues. The phones will retain their extension and still have the configuration info. Voice-Over Wi-Fi phones can be easily carried all over the building. However, this is impossible with digital phones.
  • Diversity: One of the major reasons for the popularity of IP phones is that they are available in many versions. There are options like Soft-Phones that run on computers and Voice-Over Wi-Fi phones that operate without a wireless connection. Besides, there are the usual IP phones that appear on desktops. However, analog phones do not offer various options.
  • Remote Maintenance: Lastly, it is easy to access and maintain IP phones from a distance if all the required permissions are provided. The configuration could be checked and changed on providing the permission given by network administrator. Therefore, remote maintenance and making configuration changes of IP phones is much easier.

With the various recent advancements in communication technology, IP phones have come to be used in most offices all over the world. They are capable of handling huge call loads efficiently, every day. In this, there are hardly any digital phones that come close to their functionality.

The Cisco IP Phone 7911 is simple to use and highly interactive. All the control buttons on the surface as well as the screen are easy to locate and use. The display settings can be adjusted according to personal requirements. Like all other Cisco phones, this too offers added benefits like paging, voice call, and intercom. This state-of-the-art technology can bring several benefits to your office and make the call management highly efficient.