Cisco Unified Communications Manager

Nicknamed the “CallManager,” the Cisco Unified Communications Manager provides a platform for call control that helps companies and other organizations communicate to and collaborate with each other using voice, mobility, web conferences, video, and session management. It is at the heart of Cisco’s “Collaboration” collection, and is only one of the ways Cisco reaches out to provide a satisfying user experience for its customers. Continue reading

Cisco TelePresence MX700 – Create Collaboration Hubs

Cisco TelePresence MX700s addresses the launch line within Cisco’s programming of integrated regional video structures. They mix flawless style with the idea that has broken the standard ground into a dead end for the largest gathering rooms. The MX700 frame comes standard with inbuilt electronic hardware and an electro-acoustic transducer for high-end audio signal distribution. Premium scoring and twin show are some standard alternatives to the MX700. Continue reading