Cisco 8945 Phone Manual and Datasheet

The Cisco 8945 is an IP phone that serves a cost-effective communication solution for businesses who need effective video and voice services to get their message out to their customers. It is part of the 8900 Series of Cisco’s Unified IP phones. Its video camera, which can film almost 30 frames every second, provides businesses with a high quality platform on which to conduct videoconferences. Continue reading

Cisco ASA 5505 User Guide and Spec

Cisco ASA 5505 is a high-tech adaptive security appliance with features that deliver the goods for branch offices, small businesses, and for companies who hire telecommuters. Its performance is excellent, with a firewall, an IPsecVPN, an SSL, and networking service available. It is a modular device with 8 ports on its 10/100 Ethernet switch. Its ports can be arranged to define three different VLAN systems if you need separate VLANs for your home and your business. Continue reading

Cisco Wireless Access Point

With the Cisco Wireless Access Point, you can have the security your small business needs as well as the convenience of wireless access to allow your employees to access your wired network no matter where they are within your office. Even if they are in an area without access to one of your company’s computers perhaps in a conference room or in a private meeting with a client, they can pull out a laptop and access all of the information they need for their task without the inconvenience of relocating, client and all, to another room. Continue reading

Cisco 7921G IP Phone Data Sheet and Spec

The sophisticated unified and voice telecommunications abilities over the business with Cisco 7921g ip phone. This sleek, and second generation of the wireless telephone, supports many calling functions and quality of sound, comprises of: Continue reading

Cisco Phone Models Brief Overview

Imagine you are already doing a little study about cisco phone models that are available in the market, chances will be good if you have eliminated certain models that will not work out for your business requirements so you can choose Cisco models. However, what of some contenders, which deserves a good look? Thing that comes on our mind will need to become the Cisco systems and models. Continue reading

Cisco 1841 Router Datasheet and Manual

Introduced in 2004, the Cisco 1841 is a router that handles integrated services. It is a part of Cisco’s popular 1800 series of the company’s selection of integrated service routers. The 1800 series, in turn, is but one of many series in the company’s larger portfolio of integrated service routers.

Continue reading

Cisco 5520 Wireless Controller Data Sheet and Installation Guide

If you are in search of a highly flexible and scalable platform for controlling your business network, you should definitely go for the Cisco 5520 wireless controller. This is by far one of the most remarkable products for the management of a business network from a remote location. It comes with a great combination of features that account for its reliability, elegance and high performance. Continue reading